The media seemingly set standards too high for celebrities and when they fall the media always has a field day. Now, the days of living double standards are over. The advisers who gave Michael Phelps a speech written for 1982 should really be ashamed of how they have and will harm his career in the future.

First off we ALL live in the real world and this kid is only 23 years old. At that age you will make mistakes and we need to see Michael as a real person with areas for improvement. Not the same I am so sorry speech and it will never ever happen again? When I hear that it always tells me that it will happen again and most likely in the near future.

Phelps needs a real PR crisis campaign with a true action plan to help him connect with his fans and supporters. Man up and confess he made a really BIG mistake, let us know that he is very ashamed and embarrassed that he GOT caught. What he plans to do to control his use of smoking marijuana from a bong! Ask for fans support and prayers! Request a partnership to make this happen and then can he truly be in the right space to say I am sorry.

Marketers and fans have to be able to believe in Phelps. We are so sick of those who get caught and give the same OLD song and dance.

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