We have all always given Angelina Jolie so many thumbs up for controlling her PR success as good as Paris Hilton. However, looks like Angie needs to stand back and let the professionals work on her image for a time being. Maybe Jolie was really hoping to win Best Actress at Thursday night’s VH1 Critics Choice Awards.

Nonetheless, Anne Hathaway was crowned Queen! According to a FoxNews report Hathaway gushed about how thrilling it was to win something with her “idol” Streep, the cameras caught Jolie (twice) with such a severe scowl it caused quite the gasp backstage.
Let’s put it this way: if looks could kill, Hathaway would definitely be dead.
“Angelina didn’t say much for the rest of the night,” an eyewitness told Tarts. “She was all smiles before the announcement, and it was clear she wasn’t happy.”
Congrats to Anne Hathaway for her winning Best Actress for her performance in “Rachel Getting Married” at Thursday night’s VH1 Critics Choice Awards.

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