Everyone has always given Angelina Jolie so much credit for always knowing how to make the right PR moves. This time I have to give her some really bad PR points for making a stupid PR move. After all she took a lot of heat from the media about hooking up with Brad Pitt while he was still MARRIED to Jennifer Aniston.

My Mother always said, “A lie don’t care who tells it!” I remember Angelina Jolie going into her PR crisis mode and telling the world that she would never get involved with a married man. Even using her father and saying that he cheated on her mother as reason why she would never get involved with a married man.
Now it has been revealed, the PR master finally slipped up. Maybe the slip up came about because it was really a cover up.
Jolie confessed in an interview to the New York Times that she and Brad found love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, which was in 2004. That would mean that Pitt would have still been married to Aniston at the time.
Stating, “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.” This is how she explains about her children being one day able to see their mother and father in Mr and Mrs Smith.
Looks like Mom needs to do some PR clean up now.

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