Maybach was able to capture ultra luxury car buyers and had a love affair among some big name clients. So now that Maybach will enter the world of classic ultra luxury cars never to produce more. Which ultra luxury car brand will claim the alternative position to replace Maybach? Well, no shame in Bentley’s game as the British are not shy.

 2012 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has announced that they want Maybach’s clients especially Jay-Z and Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich.

“The withdrawal of Maybach is a business opportunity for us and we’re going to use it,” Bentley Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters at the Detroit auto show this week.

Smart to do research Bentley has gotten personal by writing clients of Maybach! Citing that “The comments I’m receiving aren’t very positive – they feel left alone.”

After the November 2011 announcement made by Daimler to end production of Maybachs it became apparent that there would be an opening for another ultra luxury car brand.

However, while Rolls-Royce has openly admitted that they would welcome Maybach’s clients but the approach will be differently than Bentley.

A representative said that they would, “naturally welcome any current Maybach customers.” They also related, “But seeking them out and hunting them down is not the Rolls-Royce way.”

It will be interesting to see which luxury PR approach will be the most effective. With the new concept of luxury branding and marketing is Bentley’s approach better? As luxury consumers adore being engaged! Keeping with the value of exclusive behavior and elite clubs would Rolls-Royce’s approach be better? After all luxury consumers don’t like to be hassled.

I recall a project that I was involved in that was to create an exclusive event for ultra luxury car buyers to test drive a variety of exclusive ultra luxury cars. What worked for us was to prepare a informational package to educate the potential buyer on the specific ultra luxury car. Focusing on luxury lifestyle to input the value of how the ultra luxury car would fit into the quality of life. Further we offered an invitation to attend an elite event to test drive and ask questions. Amazing product education, food, and experience. This is how you sell luxury cars folks.

Today the ultra luxury car market is widely driven by the global demand. All eyes should be on China, by the way…


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