Once again it is Valentine’s Day and it seems like this day sneaks up every year. Can you still score some big profits if you missed promoting Valentine’s Day this late in the game? Of course you can! Now is the time to capture the impetuous luxury consumer who is likely wanting to spare no expenses today.

With limited time where do you start? First call should be to your luxury PR firm, if you don’t have one please feel free to call upon us. Okay, you want to keep in mind that this is a romantic occasion and your press release should target lovers. With that said remember a press release is not a sales pitch but a informative message. Always keep in mind that a press release should be newsworthy as a general rule.

Make your press announcement no later than by noon Valentine’s Day. News is real time and breaking so the theory of special days to make announcements are no more. Use social media to help spread the word such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. For social media you need to be engaging and still you should not be trying to sale fans, friends, and followers. Offer key points for having the best solution for romance after all it is Valentine’s Day.

Want to know how to really make a woman (or man) feel loved today? Those are the questions you will ask in social media. Today you can give advice, tips, etc to help your fans, friends, and followers have the best Valentine‘s Day. Of course the solution is going to be your luxury product or service.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011


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