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Kylie Jenner Khy Clothing Brand Fashion PR Strategy Review MC

Fashion PR Strategy Review and Tips, Kylie Jenner’s Khy Clothing Brand’s Remarkable $1 Million Launch

Kylie Jenner’s recent foray into the fashion world with her brand-new clothing collection, Khy, has not only turned heads but also set a new standard for success in the industry. In a matter of just one hour from its launch, Khy managed to achieve an astonishing milestone—surpassing $1 million in sales. This remarkable feat was …

Victoria's Secret MC Feature

Victoria’s Secret Resurgence – A Tale of Fashion, Wings, and PR Brilliance

Achieving the dream of gracing the runway adorned with iconic angelic wings is a pinnacle aspiration for models. The world of fashion has witnessed the enchanting spectacle of Victoria’s Secret (VS) fashion shows, featuring some of the most successful and highest-paid models. Bedecked in extravagant angel wings, fantasy bras, and swimwear, these models have turned …

Charlie Hollishead Fashion PR Luxury Clothes Renting B 2 main MC

The New Fashion PR IT Girl New Mogul – How Influencer Marketing is Revolutionizing Luxury Clothing Rentals

In the dynamic world of fashion, where trends shift with every season, owning the latest styles can often feel like an endless chase. However, a new wave is sweeping across the fashion landscape, redefining the concept of ownership and transforming the way we approach our wardrobes. This wave is all about renting luxury clothes, a …

Balenciaga PR Scandal Mosnar Communications

Balenciaga Scandal, The Art Of Saying Sorry – A Luxury PR Crisis Guide

In late 2022, the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga found itself at the center of a major scandal when it was accused of stealing designs from a small, independent designer. The allegations were first made on social media, and within days, they had gone viral, with many calling for a boycott of the brand. “Is there …