I guess this is why Atlanta, Georgia is known as Hot Lanta! And for good reasons, people in Atlanta are still spending like no recession exists. Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta is not out of touch with reality of how consumers think and buy in Atlanta. Okay, not ALL people act like NeNe or Kim but the spending behaviors are pretty much inline. Status and social circle clicks are major influences of buying power in Atlanta.

We started a little blog project to understand Top Atlanta Luxury and really to see just how much attention Atlanta could draw from the rest of the world. Our efforts were to create a demand for Top Atlanta Luxury as key search words in major search engines. It worked! Both Google and Yahoo index www.TopAtlantaLuxury.com for key search words Top Atlanta Luxury. Then all the other major search engines started to follow.

The only difficult part in the beginning was to create a demand for Top Atlanta Luxury searches online. Until our approach, Atlanta luxury was only considered to be just real estate and really nothing more. It was important that we showed that Top Atlanta Luxury was a luxury lifestyle. We had hoped that The Streets of Buckhead, which is to become the Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills of Atlanta, would help to build Atlanta as a luxury lifestyle. This is still in process.

What I continue to see is that the economic condition for luxury spending still remains very strong in metro Atlanta. Also our luxury PR firm Mosnar Communications receives tons of interest from many large PR agencies as well as boutique agencies to have their clients featured in Top Atlanta Luxury, very flattering for us. We actually created a real opportunity through www.TopAtlantaLuxury.com for luxury brands to connect directly with luxury consumers in Atlanta.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know how to connect with luxury consumers on a national or global scale. Also contact me if you are interested in targeting the metro Atlanta luxury market. I can be reached in confidence at postmaster @ mosnarcommunications.com .

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