If you love sisters and the amazing bond that sisters share for life.  No matter if you are on team Jenner, team Hadid or team Smalls. One thing for certain you will be a major fan of Balmain Paris after their new luxury brand campaign expressing sisterly love and “rivalry” in high fashion.

It’s simply stunning we can’t stop watching. Balmain released each look from the campaign with excitement and anticipation. Even killing the fashion industry with suspense by releasing the Hadid sisters last on the campaign trail….could this be a race for the Presidential election when it comes to high fashion?

We already have a major crush on the Smalls sisters … #loveaffair

Which set is your most beloved high fashion sisters?! We love them all and now obsessed with Balmain in a big way!<
Thank you to Elle UK for sourcing this story line. 


Balmain Marks Sisters Jenner MosnarCommunications

Jenner Sisters

Balmain Jenner Sisters Mosnar Communications #Fashion #LuxuryBrand

Hadid Sisters

Balmain Hadid Sisters Mosnar Communications #Fashion #LuxuryBrand

Smalls Sisters

 Balmain Smalls Sisters Mosnar Communications #Fashion #LuxuryBrands


Official Instagram account for the House of Balmain. Find Balmain on Facebook @Balmainparis / Twitter @Balmain / YouTube @Balmainofficialwww.balmain.com

Photo credits to Balmain Paris via Instagram 

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