Okay, we are back on the beauty PR tip again and plastic surgery yet again. For those still undecided if you should or should not go under the knife. It always amazes me how celebrities get the credit of being born all natural with no work.

There are some things that no makeover can achieve and this is why plastic surgeons are needed. See these shocking pictures of celebrities before and after plastic surgery. In Hollywood nose jobs for plastic surgeons are big business. However, many celebs go for the full effect which is why an experienced plastic surgeon is always recommended.

Angelina Jolie Plastic Work

Hillary Duff Nose Job

Megan Fox Plastic Work

Halley Berry TOO! Plastic Work

Scarlett Johannson Plastic Work


  1. andy says:

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    That unfortunately would only be possible if we lived in a utopian, ideal kind of society. In the real world, people talk about other people and that’s just that. Why would celebrities be any different? I think being scrutinised comes automatically with being a celebrity and I’m sure they understand that.

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