Gone are the simple days of attracting ultra rich through luxury travel with fine dining and five-star hotels. If you want to book luxury travel you need to up the customer experience and give them an amazing traveler’s story to tell their other rich friends. They tell 10 people and 10 other people and so no. Better yet, they Tweet the story out and share on Facebook. More luxury travel bookings will grow and grow!

This new abundance and increased accessibility doesn’t mean luxury travelers have stopped seeking experiences that express their interests and affirm their status. Rather, it has changed the metrics with which status and traditional luxury are defined. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people expressing their identity through the stories attached to their travels. This is because stories focus on experiences, and these stories are more compelling when those experiences are interesting, obscure, scarce or unique.

Hence the reason why luxury travel packages are so popular these days. Luxury travel must also offer an experience that is easy to share and tell to others. A good storybook of amazing luxury travel experiences…

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