Today, I am not searching for Bigfoot because Bigfoot has already been found! Like it or not; Bigfoot, Obama, Paris, and Britney are ALL celebrities. This is NOT a bad thing because celebrities are marketable brands. Obama wants to be President, Britney wants to sell albums, and Paris wants to be hot! People buy into their brands and grant them what they want. So being a celebrity is a very good thing.

What about Bigfoot being a hoax? This is not a really big deal because Elvis is still very much alive and very marketable today. You can even vote on his website where you would have liked to seen Elvis perform today! What Bigfoot needs is some real strong PR crisis intervention. You know the Hancock kind of PR makeover.

Bigfoot needs to improve upon his image, show his investors that they will get a return on their investment, and start a PR campaign to attract branding opportunities. Bigfoot became infamous when he attracted so much media attention. A celebrity is a celebrity always and forever. The hard part about reaching celebrity status is to make people learn and remember you. Bigfoot did it and now he is a celebrity brand.

You see I almost had you believing in Bigfoot again, too!

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