U.K and North America, February 13, 2019 (MC MosnarCommunications.com Luxury Press Release)  The rise of makeup for men has been thrust into the spotlight recently and with guys reaching for concealer seeming like much less of a big deal than perhaps a decade ago, the emergence of MMUK MAN as one of the biggest global players in the male beauty industry should come as much less of a shock. Social media, higher beauty standards and Generation-z’s rejection of gender sexuality and norms, are all pulling the strings in the remarkable rise of a brand that in its inception, was operating out of a back bedroom of founder Alex Dalley’s home in Sussex, England.

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In a world where modern men are going big for bronzer, beard mascara and brow gel, British male makeup brand MMUK MAN look set to further cement their brand’s dominance in the U.K, before turning their attention to the hugely lucrative North American market later in the year. Having launched in the U.K at premium male grooming retailer MaleSkin and opened a brand new warehouse facility in Sussex, to crucially drive delivery speed and efficiency, it’s now the high streets of some of the country’s biggest cities that MMUK MAN will be gaining a foot print on.

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The brand now offers over 60 luxury male cosmetic products, which include foundation, concealer, anti-shine powder and ‘manscara’. For guys who prefer the more subtle approach, tinted moisturiser, clear brow gel and beard filler are also on the menu.

As men’s makeup is still in its relative infancy, MMUK have also teamed up with Youtube beauty sensation Nathan Wheeler, whose channel ‘That’s Nathan’ has clocked up thousands of views, in order to create clear and fuss-free tutorials on the application of each product in their range. MMUK have also recently teamed up with Instagram stars Warren Phillips, Sean Pratt and Nicauri Mayi, who have a combined following of just under one-million users.

From the Sussex countryside to the centre stage of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, MMUK MAN continue to thrive through the phenomenal breakdown of gender roles in modern society. With gender fluidity and neutrality gaining much more air time, it looks certain that 2019 will finally be the year that male makeup goes mainstream.

About MMUK Man

MMUK MAN is currently available online at MaleSkin and with the brand etching itself further into the tapestry of male beauty culture, with its ultra-modern approach, they hope for yet another incredibly successful 2019 with their key global partners.


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