Britney Spears talks to OK! magazine during an exclusive interview. She opens up about her nasty divorce, her infamous 2007 VMAs performance, Sam Lutfi and more. Spears now 26 years old tells OK! about her two boys, her father and the future of her career.

Britney reveals to OK! that she hopes her boys choose not to choose a career in entertainment. “I’d love them unconditionally if they wanted to,” she explains. “I’d just as soon they have a more normal childhood.”

She reveals that her new album is expected out in stores in six to nine months, “I think it is more urban,” she tells OK!. “I’m writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room… This is my best work ever.”
The complete interview offers at-home photos of Britney and her boys and will be on sale everywhere Thursday.

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