Do article promotions really work and can they really create free publicity? Well, I put the art of writing articles to promote my PR business to work. What I got was an overwhelming response that was even shocking for me. Then I thought to myself, why not release this news to the media. After all I had discovered a breakthrough; something new and exciting was added to my business model.
I started writing in mid August of 2007 for which is my top choice for article submissions. I received great success and quickly landed in their Top Ten Business/PR Expert Authors. I was eventually promoted to Platinum Expert Author the highest honor.
Read my press release: Making Top Authors List
Wilson Web offers an excellent overview of top article promotion websites:
Chris Knight the owner of even mentioned me in his blog! I even received a positive comment from Lance Winslow who I admire as a mentor.
Lance Winslow really understands the art of article promotions with 11,111 active articles, resulting in 5,385,513 views!
In other words, it works! It really works! Keep writing articles for promotions!

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