Will people blame Tiger Woods for making them fall in love with the game of golf and now possibly destroying it? One thing is for sure Tiger’s brand has certainly seen better days. If you once were a Tiger Woods fan is it fair to hate the guy now especially while he is down. Please ask yourself that question.

No I don’t condone nor think that cheating on your spouse is acceptable. While not talked about cheating is a dangerous health risk factor, as some sexually transmitted diseases can be life threatening. Yes, yes what Tiger did was a very bad thing.

But can you really hate Tiger Woods even now? We can learn a lot about brand loyalty and celebrity endorsements. However, Tiger was always his own brand so every sponsorship endorsement was a co-branded opportunity. This is the major factor that made Tiger standout from other athletic endorsements.

When Tiger returns to the green and yes he will return sooner than most are thinking! Believe it or not an ugly divorce will likely make Tiger more popular. His fans will start to see him getting beat up and start to feel some pity. After all this is the biggest learning lesson of his life.

Most likely everyone was secretly happy that Tiger even won the PGA Tour Player of The Year. When he returns to the green expect to see a better man and person.

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