When it comes to Chris Brown and Rihanna, Hollywood has already sided with Rihanna. Jay-Z has gone on a massive PR campaign to support Rihanna.

Now Oprah’s BFF Gayle King is publicly rejecting Chris Brown’s apology! Citing, “Right now I can’t think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time. And my heart just aches for Rihanna.” Gayle told this on camera to ExtraTV.

Is Hollywood too quick to judge? What can Chris Brown do to salvage his reputation? Certainly, he should not expect an open invitation to come on Oprah after Gayle’s statement. However, he may find forgiveness on The 700 Club. Don’t dismiss this suggestion The 700 Club has a wide audience that understands pain and forgiveness. People have to believe that this kid has learned his lesson and is really looking to be forgiven.

Chris will need to reconnect with Hollywood and this process takes time. It will not happen over night but with the right PR strategy in place it can happen. However, it must be done properly.

Best of luck Chris, hope to see you back on top one day soon.

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