Let me start by saying that I really respect both Pierce Mattie Public Relations and Abelow Public Relations. They have both achieved great accomplishments in the luxury PR industry, which is not an easy task to conquer.

When we reformed Mosnar Communications, Inc to focus on luxury PR we never had any intentions of competing directly with the top industry players. Actually, we sort of thought they would stay in their lanes and we would maintain ours. However, then the recession hit and it made luxury PR an equal playing field for competition.

Luxury brands are not like other brands, they require special placement to be positioned in the marketplace. Not only that, it is very important that a strategic plan and approach is put in place to connect with media outlets. How effective a PR firm is when it comes to educating the consumer on the brand’s awareness over sounding like fluff (advertising) is the key factor for the brand’s exposure.

What made Mosnar Communications, Inc a contender in luxury PR? I would have to say our ability to place true SEO PR circulations targeted to the right audiences. We don’t even boost about our clients on our website. In fact you will not see a client list at all on our website! We believe that proof is in the pudding and our methodology is represented by our continued presence for luxury PR.

How do the media view us? Well, the media is strongly influenced by Google key search words. Ranking among the top five placements for “luxury PR” (out of 8 million plus) remains a strong source for us to leverage and build media relationships. Having a strong blog that is also a Google News source doesn’t hurt! Actually, we get tons of requests from media outlets for luxury PR story ideas.

Our price points are not in the ballpark with Pierce Mattie PR or Abelow PR. Actually most are amazed what we achieve with the price points we have. Let’s just put it this way, we can go up against ANY size PR firm thanks to our ability to master social media PR strategies.

Is Mosnar Communications, Inc an alternative to higher end luxury PR firms? I would certainly say so! However, we don’t accept every client and very particular about those we partner with for representation.

Do you have a luxury brand that you would like for us to consider? Send a confidential request to me at postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com

Buy, Shop, Luxury!

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