This is the strongest warning that social networking is taking over marketing promotions. And if you are still not social networking you better start ASAP. No matter how strong your brand is or how long you been around without social networking you may not be able to sustain.

Coca-Cola is no fool and plans to get closer to customers in these tuff times by using social media. The company plans to use social networking as the core of their global marketing campaign that will focus on engaging consumers round the world!

The mission, Coca-Cola is launching a campaign called “Open Happiness” all found inside a coke can or from drinking a coke. Are they planning to hire some big names celebrities to help launch this campaign? Well actually social media celebs, three bloggers will travel across 206 countries in a YEAR to find out what makes people happy. In a trip, called Expedition 206 starting January 1, 2010 in Madrid and ends December 31 at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta!

Well expect to see Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, YouTube videos and more about Open Happiness all over social media networks! This is why Coca-Cola is the lending brand… Can’t wait!

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