How do you really define an appreciation of Investing with a real future?

Economic conditions continue to have consumers worried about what they should spend their hard earned money on or even what investments are secure to build wealth. Collecting fine art offers a solution to make a purchase that motivates the individual that will also have an appreciation to grow in value. Which fine art is considered to be an asset, making collecting fine art a recession proof investment.
Fine art by African Americans is emerging, becoming a sought after demand.
“And now may be a great time to look at fine art by African Americans. Early last year, Swann Auction Galleries in New York City hosted the first sale by a major auction house devoted exclusively to African American fine art. The gallery held its third such auction in February; bringing in a record $2.7 million. African American fine art has emerged as one of the most actively collected categories in the marketplace.” Sean Drakes, Black Enterprise magazine.

Beginning Tips to Collecting Fine Art
· Let the art motivate you, buy art because YOU like it. When purchasing art it should move you and enhance your lifestyle.
· Make it a habit to visit art galleries, seek guidance about art education, and consult with the staff.
· Join mailing lists for art galleries, learn about openings and events.
· Visit and join local art museums as well as art centers.
· Attend National and International Art Expos and Fairs.
· Become familiar with the history of art, purchase books about art, and subscribe to art magazines.
· Read art reviews from local, national, and global art critics.Consider consulting with a professional art consultant or advisor.

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