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The top 25 percent of US retailers generate almost 40 percent of their eCommerce transactions from mobile while the Average Order Value on mobile is fast reaching desktop levels….

Performance marketing technology company Criteos released its Q4 2014 State of Mobile Commerce Report, providing the eCommerce industry with critical insight into consumers’ mobile shopping behavior and trends. Finding that mobile now accounts for more than 30 percent of eCommerce transactions globally and over 27 percent of eCommerce transactions in the U.S., the report illustrates a world where mobile commerce is far ahead of the conventional wisdom.

“There has been a significant lack of information about mobile commerce, leading many marketers to under-estimate the opportunity,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer at Criteo.  “Our State of Mobile Commerce Report provides clarity on the market in the US and globally, by drawing on our unique pool of transaction-level data covering billions of transactions. The report demonstrates that mobile is now about purchasing not just researching, and that there are huge opportunities for eCommerce businesses to capture increasing sales via mobile devices, particularly in the retail and travel industries. We expect mobile to rapidly move towards 50 percent of all transactions, as mobile usage continues to skyrocket and retailers better optimize mobile sites for conversion.”

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The findings in this report are based on Criteo’s analysis of individual transaction-level data from more than 3,000 eCommerce, retail and travel advertisers globally. Key takeaways include:

  • Mobile is now about purchasing, not just researching: Mobile conversion rates are high, across all devices and retail categories.
  • Think smartphones: smartphones now generate more transactions than tablets. 53 percent of mobile retail transactions and 66 percent of mobile travel transactions come from smartphones.
  • Yes, you will buy a designer handbag from your phone: a third of fashion transactions now come from mobile, with average order values close to desktop levels.
  • Top quartile US retailers generate almost 40 percent of their ecommerce transactions from mobile, against 27 percent for US overall.  The bottom quartile see only 5-10 percent of transactions from mobile. This represents a 4X difference in share of mobile transactions, demonstrating that retailers overlooking mobile are losing sales.
  • It’s not just Apple. Android phones generate over a third of smartphone transactions. Android devices now account for 39 percent and 44 percent of smartphone transactions in the US for retail and travel purchases respectively.Furthermore, Android smartphone share of ecommerce transactions is higher than the iPhone’s in many countries includingGermanyItalySpainBrazil and South Korea.
  • Mobile order values are reaching desktop order values in the U.S. especially in the fashion, luxury, sporting goods and health & beauty categories.  

To download Criteo’s complete Q4 2014 State Of Mobile Commerce report, please visit and for more information about Criteo and its technology please visit

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