When it comes to pulling off PR stunts Beyonce and her camp always seem to land on easy street. Beyonce and her team certainly know how to reap the benefits from publicity returns on investments. After all Beyonce is one of few A-List stars who can call ANY and I do many ANY top media source to get a feature headline or interview when she wants!

However, Beyonce’s recent PR stunt to push to perform at Obama’s Inauguration may be a little overboard. Ideally, we would think that Beyonce would wait until she is requested to perform before using the media to promote her to perform. President elect Obama has never made a public statement that he is even a Beyonce fan, sorry but true. This may have been a really bad PR move for Beyonce.

Not to mention Beyonce is taking some serious diva heat for not reaching out to Jennifer Hudson. Close friend to Jennifer Hudson, James made a point to make this information known by posting it in his MySpace blog! Telling fans that “Beyonce did not come to the funeral nor did she call, text, send a card or hell send a damn email”

Hudson’s friend is angry that Beyonce’s camp is letting her get media credit for attending the funeral when according to him she did not.

To view the MySpace page for James you have to be invited because his blog is private. This is how you can reach James

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