100% NOT! Britney Spears put the consideration of her kids first over her own wants and for that she should be proud this time around. Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline went through several long weeks of child custody struggles. They finally reached an agreement that would save them from going through a long bitter battle that was actually headed to trail next month.

Mark Vincent Kaplan who represents Federline told the press that Federline would retain sole custody of Sean Preston, 2 ½ and Jayden James, 22 months. Identifying that Britney’s visitation rights may also increase over time and that she would retain visitation rights.

Laura Wasser, representing Spears reported to the AP that Spears gets three visits a week with the boys and at least two overnight visits. Last month Spears received one overnight visitation per week. People Magazine reports in a settlement Federline will receive 20k in child support oppose to the 15K he was receiving. Also Kaplan who represents Federline demanded and got 250k for his services.

Spears lost custody of her boys back in January when she was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation twice. Having her estate taken under the control of her father Jamie Spears by a court order. This shows that Britney may not be ready to handle the roles of being a fulltime parent. However, it also shows she is very committed to her boys and wants only the best for them.

Yes, Britney is a GOOD Mom.

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