It is still Sen. John McCain running for President and NOT Gov. Sarah Palin for those who almost forgot. This is some publicity stunt John McCain is pulling, almost taking himself out of the spotlight as the Republican Party’s frontrunner. While McCain may see this as a smart move his motives could be received differently and he may go down in history as the Presidential candidate who sold what was NOT for sale.

I give it to Sen. John McCain; he has made Gov. Sarah Palin a major attraction. By now everyone in the world knows just who Sarah Palin is and like it or not Sarah Palin is the celebrity for the Republican Party. Should Palin be in this race? Well, giving the fact that McCain selected Sarah Palin; Barack Obama should have picked Oprah Winfrey! That’s my answer on Palin being in this election race.

My concern is what does Sarah Palin really bring to this election? Sometimes it is not always the product in the glitzy bottle that is the best. America is in trouble and we need strong leadership to turn this economic downturn around.

Is John McCain seeking your vote for him or does he really want you to vote for Sarah Palin?

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