Presenting a whole new world of luxurious luxury and beyond for luxury stays. Corinthia Hotels & Resorts offer a specialty collection of distinctive five star hotels. You will be captured by the individually designed collections from each of their five star hotels welcoming. They understand how you want to experience luxury travel demands for lifestyle.


You will be at home in the family business environment that they have maintained starting from over 40 plus years ago. Locations for each of their total of ten luxury hotels and resorts will draw you to some of the most intriguing areas of the world. Each of the luxurious hotels present craftsmanship of both authentic design and in intuitive with local architecture and cultural traditions. Where you will receive and experience superior honest and discreet service.


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In his own words, Alfred Pisani shares the spirit of Corinthia.


Alfred Pisani
Founder and Chairman
Corinthia Hotels


Alfred Pisani

Alfred Pisani How did Corinthia Hotels first start?


Alfred Pisani: "I started Corinthia in Malta in the 1960's, first opening a fine restaurant, and later building our first hotel – the Corinthia Palace. The world has changed much since those days, but then Corinthia has also grown and prospered. I see much scope to look at the lessons learnt from our early years as a guiding beacon to help us navigate through the complexities and tremendous opportunities of the modern world." Recall humble beginnings?


Alfred Pisani: "Of course, we did not have any money back then. But what we did have, in abundant reserves, was unbending perseverance. We certainly preserved, and adopted an optimistic attitude to transform challenges into successes. We were enterprising, clear in our thinking and constructively ambitious. We spotted timely opportunities and took action accordingly. We where bold – but with our feet to the ground. We believed in our capabilities and we were committed to go all the way. We had a vision to build a great hotel company, and nothing was going to stop us." Life lessons to share?


Alfred Pisani: "To build and operate great hotels takes passion and ambition. To repeat this success again and again, overtime requires authenticity and sincerity. To deliver caring service to our guests at the highest possible standards needs knowledge, experience, understanding and a fanatical attention to detail. These are the qualities that distinguish a true craftsman from an apprentice – and to provide hospitality as we do is, indeed a craft – as old, challenging and inspirational as that of being a master stone-mason, goldsmith, painter or musician. Our mission is to provide our guests with this Craftsmanship of Care." What is it that distinguishes Corinthia Hotels?


Alfred Pisani: "In a world of mass produced experiences, we offer to our guests the made-to-measure. We believe the attention to detail that elevates a craftsman can elevate the experience of visiting one of our hotels. This is our mission, it is embedded in everything we do, and everything we say."


"So what does this mean in our hotels?" explains Alfred Pisani.

Alfred Pisani: "It means carefully constructing an environment that feels special the moment our guests arrive. It means surrounding them with materials, chosen for their quiet quality and avoiding purposeless display – true power always whispers. The Craftsmanship of Care reveals itself in everything from the way a guest is welcomed, to the comfort of the room they are offered, to the thoughtfulness of the people who serve them.

Rather like the care that is invested in the finest wine or the most beautiful furniture, caring for guests as we do is hard to achieve and expensive to deliver. But we hope that even with a brief stay in a Corinthia Hotel, our guests will discover that craftsmanship can shape caring for people as beautifully as it can shape a precious stone. This is the Spirit of Corinthia.

The way we value authenticity, the trouble we take on individual details, grounded with a style that's discreet rather than merely ostentatious. All of these are the little ways we try to make a big difference.

Just like craftsmen have always done over the ages."


About Corinthia Hotels

In the past 50 years, the Spirit of Corinthia has spread from the Mediterranean island of Malta to Budapest, Prague, Lisbon, Tripoli, Khartoum and St Petersburg, establishing a dynamic group of luxury hotels in some of the most vibrant and colourful or colorful cities in Europe and Africa. Recently, Corinthia Hotel London opened its doors; a fabulous new 21st century flagship for this fast-growing luxury hotel family in the heart of Whitehall, near Trafalgar Square and overlooking the River Thames.

All Corinthia hotels and resorts offer enticingly-grand luxury in opulent surroundings, together with a simple desire to make every guest feel comfortable, valued, special.

"Brand Promise" ?

Ambition is to become the world’s premier luxury hotel group, offering truly gold-standard luxury but with the warmth and generosity that has made Mediterranean hospitality the envy of the world. Individually-designed, exquisite hotels where the service and attention to detail will always be beyond five-star. That, in essence, is the core of Corinthia.



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