Once again Beyonce has started another fashion and beauty trend that is now in hot demand. Everyone is still buzzing about Beyonce’s tinsel highlights worn on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards 2010. Leave it to Bey to take the accessory glamour up a notch.

The style star behind Beyonce’s tinsel highlights is Kimberly Kimble of Bella Via Hair Glitz. Which we understand that prices may vary. I suggest you should expect to pay Beyonce’s prices if you want Beyonce’s look. Kimble added the highlights to Beyonce’s hair to accent her Minx manicure.

Here is a really cool video we found via HairFlairs.com about how to install tinsel highlights. Check it out the video is amazing. And yes they too are raving about Beyonce’s tinsel highlights.


  1. xena says:

    I have the hairflairs in my hair! My 13 year old daughter tied them in and EVERYWHERE I go people ask me about my hair!!!!! Everyone love it —-so pretty but not over the top! I am 45!

  2. Tiffany says:

    We at Bella Via also have a video on how to tie the tinsel in, and for some, is an easier knot to learn. It's available free on our website (www.bellaviahair.com) and on Youtube.

    Hair tinsel can certainly be just a subtle addition to anyone's hair, but it still grabs a lot of attention.

  3. Cats Do The Funniest Things! says:

    I love my HairFlairs! I have dark brown hair and the red is an eye stopper….lots of compliments for both men and women.

    I will be putting in Blue HairFlairs for the upcoming Huntington's awareness month..

    the videos are great also……

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