Fashion and Beauty brands are being urged to consider thoughtful holiday gifting for the season. This year more than ever and new efforts to shape how PR agencies responsible for handling Swag gift-giving for top luxury brands show appreciation.

The push for “Greener Fashion”  is transforming how luxury brands will gift print editors, influencers, and bloggers for the holiday season.


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How-to Do Thoughtful Holiday Swag Gifting

No Excessive Unboxing Materials – Think sustainable and reusable gift bags and packaging.

Luxury brands can use Reusable Grocery Shopping Box Bags to deliver their gifts. Thoughtful gifting packaging is the center of Holiday Swag gifts.


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Dressup packing with Natural Ribbon like this example available in 3 different colors.


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Refrain From Blind Gifting – Make sure that advance notice for Swag Holiday gifting is setup. Also, give the recipient an option to opt-out.

Include Sustainable Gifting Options – Give recipients an option to receive sustainable gifts in addition to luxury brand gifts. Including sustainable packing for delivery and notecards can also be apart of sustainable gifting options.


Send notes with Swag Holiday gifts using Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards made from sustainable material.


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