So what “exactly” does it take to sell fashion to young girls? Well, smart luxury brands as well as luxury retailers now know it takes more than just a pretty face or hot body these days. Which both Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner also hold both of these necessary assets. Why are “these two young ladies” so important to the fashion industry today?

Fashion Face Off

When it comes to fashion Gigi and Kendall are on fire with influential engagement. Unlike her sisters the “dare I say the word” Kardashian clan Kendall is not as over exposed. Where she stands out is her engagement to connect as a likable person. For the Kardashian sisters mainly Kim Kardashian West their celebrity brand awareness is often down graded by the public.

kendall-jenner-instagram-corn-rows-492x492Photo credit Kendall Jenner via Instagram

Why “Kendall” is a powerhouse for fashion? For brands who sell fashion this is what they need to influence consumers to buy what Kendall is rocking. Where also like her sisters Kendall knows how-to use her television personality spotlight to attract brands to want to work with her and also her sister Kylie Jenner as a team.

Kim no make up Kendall coverPhoto credit Kim Kardashian West via Instagram

Gigi Hadid vs. Kendall Jenner

Both Gigi  and Kendall go by model and television personalities. They are known for being models in the public eye and influential for being famous as models. Which is why Kendall is more respected in the fashion industry over her more exposed sister Kim. As a luxury brand and luxury retailer when exposure will not convert into purchases there is a missing connection. Engagement should also influence a desired target audience to buy through a call to action.

Kendall JennerPhoto credit Kendall Jenner via Instagram

The stunning Gigi is more known as an “fashion” model herself and also television personality. Even nabbing a fashion industry honor by being named one of 12 rookies in Sports illustrated annual issue in 2014. Gigi actually started her modeling career at the tender age of two with Baby Guess, so she is the veteran over Kendall.

Gigi Hadid

Photo credit Sports Illustrated

Both young ladies have made really great fashion industry moves as models. Now I want to explain that any “luxury brand or luxury retailer” can join in on their engagement influence. Gigi and Kendall love and I do express “love” social media. They often create different trends that influence young people to want them too. Follow these models on their various social media channels and create campaigns focused around their brand influence value. Keep this in mind  “don’t” attempt to make it appear that Gigi or Kendall are representing your luxury brand or luxury retail outlet. However, join in on their influence engagement to make consumers buy what you have to offer 🙂



 Photo credit Gigi via Instagram


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