Let’s face it things are really bad on the luxury front for luxury franchises and many are constantly dying rapidly. The worst is the mindset of luxury and how franchises targeting the luxury market are communicating with target audiences.

Enough with the doom reports, start convincing us that you plan to sustain these troubled times. Who really wants to buy a luxury car from a luxury franchise dealer NOT even sure of themselves? Luxury franchises have got to start being more proactive and form a call to action if they want to succeed.

Five Things Any Luxury Franchise Can Do Right Now to Boost Sales:


I repeat do NOT have a SALE! In the world of luxury the word sale is a bad four letter word. Luxury is a perception and pricing is not a thriving point to attract luxury consumers. Actually higher price points for luxury are what consumers expect and luxury franchises need to concentrate on communicating brand awareness to advance market share.

2. Examine Your Luxury Industry

While this may seem like the obvious first thing to do, most luxury franchises are not considering the research of numbers for performance. Review strengths and weaknesses to analysis how to effectively improve sales performance.

3. Give V.I.P Treatment

The luxury experience is vital to communicate the luxury perception of a brand for luxury franchises. Reward customers with V.I.P bonuses by offering exclusives and customized rewards to let customers know they are important. This kind of treatment beats a sale any day!

4. Increase PR Publicity

Virtually every luxury franchise can benefit from PR publicity to help strengthen brand awareness and credibility. Make sure to develop relationships with media outlets that reach your target audience to keep them informed about your luxury brand.

5. Get More Social!

Many luxury franchises are still not taking advantage of using social media networking and the impact that it can have on increasing sales performance. Establish a profile on Facebook and Myspace, start Tweeting on Twitter to attract more customers!

While it is no doubt that almost everyone has been affected by the present economic conditions from the recession. It is possible to apply strategies to sustain economic downtimes and yes still increase sales no matter what the conditions may be.

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