The media are having a field day with the fact that Shar Jackson invited ex, Kevin Federline to her 32nd birthday bash. Rumors are also being spread that the two will get back together and people hope that Britney Spears sees them together. Also some media outlets are even calling Shar dumb for hanging out with Kevin.

How does Shar handle this publicity problem? First, Shar publicly acknowledges her support for the success of Kevin and Britney Spears individually. Shar tells People, how she feels about Kevin.

“We were friends before we were a couple and we’re always going to be friends,” Jackson told PEOPLE at Wynn Las Vegas before entering the party. “We have two amazing kids together. Kevin is my boy.”

When asked about Britney performing at the MTV Video Music Awards next month Shar even showed her support and praises! Revealing, “I hope she does it, I hope she goes for it and kills it,” Jackson said.
Now, that sounds like a person who has moved on to me. Do you think that Shar is interested in getting back together with Kevin Federline? Will Britney even care?

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