Are you trying to make money online with an Internet business or product? If you understand Search Engine Optimization and how important it is to increase your search engine ranking you should also consider the other PR factor. This time I am talking about Public Relations! This is your gateway to FREE Publicity Exposure.

Just when you thought you had this whole search engine optimization and page ranking technique puzzle figured out. Well, if you are not tooting your horn you could be missing out on a lot of free publicity.

Public relations are also known as PR (the other important PR – Page Rank factor) is how you will communicate with the public. You need a strategic plan and approach to deliver messages to the public via the media.

The media is generally the best resources to deliver messages to the public. Think of the media as your salespeople who will work for you for free if you give them what they want. The media is looking for an even exchange the same as a link exchange example with search engine optimization. The media wants a newsworthy story to keep their readers interested in reading their material. This also applies with television media who are looking for interested topics to keep their viewers interested. The same goes for radio media who are looking for guests to keep their listeners interested. Are you starting to get the BIG picture? Give them a good story and they will give you FREE Publicity! This could mean a big savings for advertising because you are not actually paying to be covered.

Free Publicity to Launch an Internet Product or Service:

1. Press or News Releases

Releasing a press or news release for an Internet business is ideal because you will be able to reference your domain address which is an invitation request to visit your website. offers a free press release service.

Bonus: Report important newsworthy tips about your Internet business such as product launches, expansions, breakthroughs, discoveries, etc.

2. Publicity Pickups

Publish your press and news releases using online press release services that also release your information online. Reporters often look to press release services for news stories and often pickup reports for publications.

3. Blog Promotions

Start a blog about your Internet business and communicate with the public about your products and services features and benefits. Stay up on industry news and relate how it is relevant to your Internet business.

Bonus: Comment in other blogs that could add value to your Internet business model and form link exchange relationships with these blogs.

4. Social Media Networking

Try promoting information about your Internet business on websites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and others. This will increase your product or service brand awareness.
Bonus: Offer a contest or trivia related to your Internet business to increase your brand exposure.

You have taken a big step in your life and you sure do have a lot to be proud about. Always believe in yourself and know that your Internet business can be successful. Dream it, believe it, and now achieve it!

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