There is a HOT new couple that just stepped on the luxury scene! This time it’s not your traditional couple but certainly love at first sight. Luxury décor and technology is about to become the hottest couple for spring 2009. OMG, A couple hotter than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

Global Grind, picked up a storyline on how Artopz Balances Luxury and Technology Home Media Centers Custom Vogue Hot Look. Thanks Russell Simmons, as Global Grind is always on top of the luxury entertainment scene.

So, how HOT can a custom home media center look?

Learn how to add some luxury to your computer and make your home media center look hot visit Artopz.

Let’s try to stay in style with luxury and technology this spring. I am opting for fuchsia red as my home media center color theme. After all I am usually found wearing fuchsia on my lips after sundown.

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