One can not dispute that Gucci is a master at building credibility for luxury perception. Constantly developing brand awareness to create a sustainable brand through media credibility representing the best of luxury. Where Gucci recognizes the strength of creating luxury PR publicity many luxury brands often fall short.

The world’s most expensive belt comes from Gucci. To create the world’s most expensive belt Gucci optioned to team with a well recognized luxury brand as well. Because of economic conditions it is necessary to offer luxury goods that present excellence and best quality.

Gucci teamed with Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International known for diamond studded gold and platinum cell phones, watches, iPods, chess sets and more. The Gucci diamond belt is the world’s most expensive featuring 30 carats of flawless diamonds encrusted on a platinum double G logo.

The retail value is $250,000 (£155,995).

Copy this luxury PR campaign concept:

1. When launching the world’s most expensive luxury make sure that you offer excellence and the best quality.

2. If Co-branding team with a luxury brand that is recognized as a leader for their craft.

3. Make sure that the world’s most expensive luxury you offer receives publicity recognition from top luxury media outlets.

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