For luxury brands the future is mobile. For all top luxury brands a presence in iPad and iPhone will be essential to drive creditability. However, most of the top luxury brands in the world have a major problem when it comes to meeting the technology requirements that Apple has set for mobile devices. They simply don’t measure up!
According to a review conducted by the team at PSFK most luxury brands are unprepared to leverage the changes in web use for products like Apple’s iPad and iPhone are driving. What occurred was that of the top 10 luxury brands that were ranked by Forbes in 2009, none of their websites worked sufficiently to match their desktop web experience.  Gucci appears to be the ONLY luxury brand that can handle the technology requirements outlined by Apple for mobile devices.
What does this mean for the other top luxury brands and every luxury brand in general? They must start to focus on mobile branding to maintain top credibility and sustainability for future growth. The reason the majority of top 10 luxury brands are not measuring up in Apple’s mobile devices is because they use Adobe’s Flash. Steve Jobs from Apple has been very public lately about them not using Flash software because it drains battery life of mobile devices.
Apple certainly has an audience with an estimation of 1 million iPads sold in the first month. So it would be a smart move for luxury brands to ditch Flash and engage this audience.


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