Interesting you won’t find anything today on Google’s website acknowledging that they are one year older or even that today marks their 10th anniversary. Usually for special anniversaries Google changes the logo home page but not this time.

According to Forbes, Google actually has a lot to celebrate even though they are still considered a baby in the corporate world, only 10. Google’s annual revenues last year were $16.5 billion and their stock prices jumped last year up to $700, since then has fallen back to $450; its market cap is now at $142 billion. Google is ranked in a league with companies like of Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard who have annual revenues of more than $100 billion.
In 1998, Google reported that it handled 10,000 searches a day. That number leaped to 500,000 a day in 1999. Google doesn’t share those numbers widely now, but research group comScore estimates that Google hosted 235 million searches a day in July of this year.
What’s next for Google?
Google wants to be a worldwide data center that stores every piece of personal and corporate information. Google is pushing cloud computing to accomplish this–and challenging tech’s old top dog Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFTnews people ) to pick up the pace or go home. This week, Google unveiled Chrome, a Web browser aimed at toppling Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
Google was incorporated on September 7, but they have never celebrated this day. I guess it is business as usual.

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