It makes me sick to hear African Americans disputing about people of other races calling Sen. Barack Obama articulate! This is NOT an insult and should never ever have been received as one. The fact still remains many black people DO need to brush up on speaking skills.

A major problem is that many young African Americans such as children and teens are not speaking English clearly! Meaning articulately, you know fluently and talkatively. If white people comment on Obama being articulate it might be refreshing to hear a black person speak this way.

Many people blame social economic status as a reason why many young African American children and teens still can NOT speak English articulately. Obama engages about “so called talking white” and how this is often seen as not cool in the black community. A sort of in your face kind of thing that only one black person can present to another.

However, I thank my English teachers, college professors, WHITE colleagues, etc for teaching me that speaking articulate is important. Most importantly, I thank my Grandmother who taught me that if you change your voice you change your life! My Grandmother knew that if I was able to communicate and express myself well I could travel far in life.

To my college Speech and Debate professor Dr. Stevenson, who wrote my first job recommendation letter for my very first real job right out of college, I thank you! Before I started my own business eight years ago, I had the opportunity to work for some major Fortune corporations and being articulate had a lot to do with it!

Obama, you inspire me to want to speak MORE articulately.

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