I can understand why so much excitement is buzzing around the new search engine Cuil.com . The concept is certainly a good one, try to index more websites than Google. Not only that, be part of the brains that assisted Google.

Cuil Inc is taking on Google! The company was started by a former Google Inc employee Anna Patterson and her husband Tom Costello, Cuil which is pronounced “cool” is taking Google head on by indexing more web pages than Google. Another key player in the company is Russell Power, a third co-founder of Cuil and also a former Google employee who worked on search indexing, web rankings and spam detection. Power is the VP of engineering for Cuil.

The competition has started, Cuil announced that they have indexed 120 billion web pages and say they can provide results organized by ideas with complete privacy for users. Google fired back by saying they have discovered 1 trillion unique web pages on the Internet. However, Google did not say if they actually indexed the web pages.

My Cuil problem:
There is no news reported by Cuil for breaking news. I am not interested in learning old news, so I suggest that Cuil ADD some Cuil News!

To win me Cuil you have got to be as cool as Google. I like the fact that Google ranks pages by popularity. Like being with the in crowd, Cuil what can you do to make me cool?

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