Twitter is now the latest celebrity craze and has celebs running to hire Twitter experts. Our firm Mosnar Communications, Inc which specializes in luxury PR and actually trend the phrase luxury PR publicist has started to receive requests to hire a Twitter Publicist. Now, that’s a new one…

However, celebrities are making request to hire Twitter Publicists. So, what exactly does a Twitter Publicist do you ask? In my opinion a Twitter Publicist is a step up from a web ghostwriter. Which Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent related to the New York Times that he recently hired Chris Romero, also known as Broadway to post updates on Twitter as official information.

Celebrities are taking a lot of heat because their Twitter updates and news are seemingly fake and boring. And don’t think that they are not listening! This is why celebrities are contacting PR firms to hire Twitter Publicists to connect better with their fans.

A Twitter Publicist will keep fans updated on buzz worthy news that is official information related to celebs. Importantly, a Twitter Publicist knows how to create headliners through storylines that gain media coverage. Not only a service for just celebrities; a Twitter Publicist can help brands and businesses as well.

Kim Kardashian recently made a big media outcry that she wants to reclaim her Twitter identity. Now, if she had a Twitter Publicist all of the “Kim” Twitter imposters would be eliminated or at least we would know who the official Kim Kardashian on Twitter is.

For help with hiring a Twitter Publicist contact Mosnar Communications, Inc .

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