So what hot luxury items will people buy in a recession? Remember luxury is a perception and if you want people to buy your luxury products you have to communicate with them to do so. PR is a very important tool to generate sales.

What is selling in a downtime economy?

1. Hair Pieces

Who is buying?

Black women must have hair weave, recession or not! Insider information from some top celebrity salons and high-end salons report that ponytails and hair pieces are in demand.

2. Used or New Authentic

Luxury consumers still prefer the finer things even if they must come with a used value. Only authentic goods will do.

Where to buy? offers pre-owned vintage and new goods, with a focus on watches, handbags, accessories and jewelry, all certified authentic and often in original packaging.

3. Makeup Cover

Women still want flawless skin and foundation solves the problem.

4. Yummy Candy

Sweet desire of candy is a luxury that people still can’t live without.

5. Luxury Purchases

High-end luxury is still in demand!

What sales?

Flat screen TVs, computers, gaming systems, a camera and a boat!

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