In a downtime economy PR is the very last service to cut back on. You see if you want to be remembered you better start exposing yourself to have something that is worth remembering. By that I mean if you are still inline with PR it should be innovative newsworthy buzz that you create. The days of fake fluff news are gone, those days died with the decline of magazine and newspaper sales.

If you think that you can simply launch a brand on just advertising alone in a recession you will have no opportunity for growth to sustain. It will take strategic planning and approaches to land storylines in top media outlets and even enforce Internet key search words into the brains of target audiences to stay afloat in this economy.

You will need to concentrate on branding, brand exposure, and creditability to move toward sustainability in a downtime. PR is an essential tool to pull this off so that your profit earnings can sustain in a recession.

Don’t take my word for it; Bill Gates related if he was down to his last dime he would spend it on PR.

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