The pressure is on for hotel PRs to achieve more than brand exposure, with campaigns now expected to drive footfall and increase revenue. At this month’s roundtable, luxury hotel PRs debate the challenges they face and the potential opportunities for creativity.

There was someone missing from this month’s Hotelier roundtable; a man. Six glamorous women, responsible for the public relations at some of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels, gathered at Raffles Dubai for the event, and there was not a gentleman in sight.

Clearly, the world of hotel PR is still dominated by women, but in many other ways, it has evolved greatly in recent years. No longer are guest relations executives promoted into PR with the expectation of merely hosting media, drinking tea and sending out shiny press releases.

Hoteliers are looking for qualified PR experts who will be involved in strategic planning and even sit on the executive committee.

The shift is down to several factors, from developing technology to the demand for tougher returns.

The internet made a huge impact, first driving PR online and now pushing it into social mediums, and the recession has also played a role, as PRs are under pressure to develop campaigns that will not only get people talking about their hotel, but bring them through the doors, wallets at the ready.

So what approach are those at the top of their game taking and where is the PR evolution heading? This savvy six met at the Fire Presidential Suite at Raffles Dubai to discuss these questions and more.

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