1. Artopz, LLC “The Eclipz”

The Eclipz represents the flagship product of the Artopz collection. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology including high performance computers, BluRay video, Skype integration, low noise construction, fiber optic LED light panels and more, the Eclipz represents the pinnacle integration of creative, multifunctional design, ease of use functionality and the latest media center technology.

Every collection from Artopz, including The Eclipz, is handmade in San Diego, California, U.S.A. by a small team of engineers and craftsmen, that build, test, polish, and pack every piece. Offering the customer a wide range of customization options, each Eclipz piece is custom designed for each individual customer. The Eclipz mounts in many different ways; horizontally on a light conducting base, on the wall, on a table stand or on a floor stand. Artopz has furthermore developed a series of creative accessories to complement the Eclipz line.

2. Dell, Inc “Dell Adamo”

One of the most buzzed-about new laptops of 2009 is Dell’s Adamo, a high-end, ultra-thin 13-inch model that starts at $1,999 and shares a design sensibility with the MacBook Air and HP Voodoo Envy 133.

3. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “Luxury in Fashion Reconsidered Exhibit

Luxury in fashion Reconsidered is a cutting-edge fashion exhibition, addressing the theme of luxury from a variety of perspectives by presenting 17th century to present-day fashions, with a total of 90 garments carefully selected from the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI) & Maison Martin Margiela / Kokonoe Co., Ltd..
At the exhibition, they will display high resolution images of 15 works through the Playstation 3, leveraging a new technology developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. With this technology, visitors are able to see the details of dress materials by freely zooming in and out on Sony’s 47inch Public Display.

Featuring 30 hotels—from atmospheric French chateaux and Italian castellos to glamorous chic retreats in Brazil and the US—this stunning guide stands out for its elegant design, witty text, and the trademark Smith attention to detail.

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