While certainly, little Zahara Jolie-Pitt because of her last name will not experience what most of the African Americans related to CNN during their report on “Being Black in America” will because of the color of her skin. However, the report showed how just being black is a struggle in America and having money does not make all the difference.

Now pretty little Zahara has more than just money, she has white wealthy family kinship along with money. A powerful thing if you compare how her black experience measures to others interviewed during CNN’s report.
If you are following the CNN report on Being Black in America, do you feel that Zahara Jolie-Pitt will have the same experiences? Keep in mind that black celebrities have often spoken out about racial injustice in America, as did comedian D.L. Hughley told of how his son had a gun drawn on him because of the color of his skin during CNN’s report.
Even Oprah Winfrey, EVEN Oprah had instigated a boycott of Hermès International after having been turned away from their Paris store. So keep in mind that this is not just an American problem. If Oprah experienced racial injustice, how will the world change for Zahara?

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