All the headlines today are focused on the big luxury brands and mainly on the failure of major luxury brands. However, the luxury market is strongly supported by producers of high-end products operating on a much smaller scale than powerhouses. These are the companies that supply high quality luxury goods and services that support the lifestyle cultural.

The weak economy has made it impossible for many small to mid sized luxury brands that produce high-end products to survive. They simply don’t have large advertising budgets to encourage sales and not able to afford fulltime PR services to build credibility to encourage sales. presents an avenue for smaller luxury brands to reach massive audiences. However, the problem is that most small luxury brands are unable to engage Twitter audiences. The majority of smaller luxury brands view Twitter as a sales pitch page. This is why they are not able to generate sales from Twitter.

So how do you measure where your luxury brand is among luxury profiles on Twitter? It would be a good idea to visit Twitter.Grader.Com a resource to review how well your brand is performing on Twitter.

Twitter.Grader.Com offers a search for keywords. Enter luxury and it will display the top luxury profiles on Twitter. If you made the list congrats! That means you are engaging, capturing and targeting the right audience related to luxury on Twitter. Ranking on this list opens the door for mass marketing and promotions.

On Twitter my handle is @MosnarComm.

On Twitter.Grader.Com I am listed as a Twitter Elite for The World Wide Web location, on the keyword search list for “luxury” Twitter profiles, plus manage many other top performing Twitter profiles.

I would like to invite 10 luxury brands to receive a 1 hour one-on-one consultation (teleconference) from me to do a makeover of their Twitter profile image. If interested please email me in confidence at . The cost is a special discount rate of $125, rain or shine!

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