In the world of marketing the most essential element needed today is online recognition. Actually, without it you are dead in the water. In short, if you want to brand you better start online first. So why is it that some brands go on to become Internet sensations and most flop?

The concept to branding online and building Internet fame is very social. A reason why social media networks are successful and those who build a strong fan base do very well. Consider this, Justin Bieber never received mainstream radio playtime until he became a hot Youtube sensation first. In fact, Justin is the prime example of branding online and building Internet fame.

So how can you learn from Justin? Well, Justin is not just a celebrity A-List but a mega brand. Yep, the 16 year old kid is a brand and one that is in major demand even in a recession! It does not matter if you are trying to break into the music business, retailing clothing or beauty goods, or selling books. The key factor to marketing any products or services is branding online and building Internet fame.

To brand online it will be critical to build a fan base. You should seek to focus on building credibility about the subject matter that you market and promote. In social communities you have to give back before you receive.

For those who don’t understand Internet marketing and branding before you can expect people to buy your products you have to give them information! This can be in the form of engagement, too. You must engage your target audience to build credibility online.

Why not make a Youtube video today? Educate people on what YOU know about what you are marketing. Remember you are not selling them! The salesman died online. The new generation of marketers must provide information and engage audiences.

If you write love songs, tell people why you do! Why you want to be a performer, etc. You should seek to do a press media kit, develop a mission and statement for your brand image.

Soon you could be an Internet sensation!

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    excellent points made. You might also want to see my blog about online branding for more thoughts on the subject, which by no coincidence ranks at the top for online branding blog. Another phrase I'm starting to hear more of is Social Engagement Optimization.

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