If you work in public relations you have to love crisis in some sort of strange passion sense. Think of it in this way those like AIG, keep the phones ringing. In my world which focuses on luxury PR I am at the heart in the middle of the AIG heat.

Should AIG have given bonuses without revealing why to the public first? That was their biggest crime it looked like a cover up. If you have taken money from people, like say taxpayers you have to keep them informed of what is going on. Almost like seeing someone sporting a new Gucci bag and knowing that they owe you money. Not a smart move.

AIG has really taken a beating lately. The first thing is to understand the mindset of how wealthy people think. Relationships are cherished and leadership roles are essentially for survival. A big bonus is a commitment guarantee that you plan to stick around.

So how do you love AIG? Give them an opportunity to offer communications first. Believe me after this last blowup AIG will be reporting their bathroom breaks. Communications is how AIG will be able to reconnect with American taxpayers, the American people.

I don’t think that AIG will spend anymore money as if it belongs to them. In fact, from now on AIG will be considering what taxpayers would think before they buy even one office pen.

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