Those who are terrified of Google’s new real-time search results are likely people who have not built organic sustainability for their brand. Sorry but paid SEO and paid advertising to capture an audience will need enhancements in 2010. This is the main reason why it will be very necessary to include public relations as a primary branding engine in the future.

The biggest concern for every brand manager is likely how will Google’s real-time search results impact their brand presence in top SERP (search engine results page) ranking? If PR campaigns are focused on smart branding strategies real-time results in Google’s SERP will be a benefit.

A big kept secret in the PR world has always been to use press releases to engage Google’s QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) algorithm. Which QDF loves fresh content, a solution to rank top in SERP. This same theory can easily be applied to Bing also. However, the content must be newsworthy and SEO press releases create a way to talk automated algorithm style. Using this approach will help with branding positioning for real-time search results!

Here are some key tips to make sure your brand lands in the top SERP for Google real-time search results.

1. Get Real-time Newsworthy – Make sure you keep content newsworthy in real-time. If it is the holidays talk about holiday events. Discuss breaking news surrounding your industry on your blog, social media sites, etc. It will be important in 2010 that your press releases are written in real-time newsworthy reporting.

2. Brand Sound Bite Keywords – Make what you are known for branded search key words. Leading target audiences to also search for your name or URL as a Google search.

3. Engage In Social Media – Focus on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, and Stumbleupon for top social media interaction. The more popular your brand becomes on social media networks it will expand real-time exposure.

4. Start Real-time Blogging – Spark blog conversations and make sure to engage with power bloggers. Always keep your blog content updated and fresh for real-time results pickups.

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