If you think that luxury blogs see your luxury brand as the most amazing and hottest in your pitch you are already off to a very bad start. Generally, most luxury brands lack getting coverage in luxury blogs because they don’t know how to be newsworthy in their pitch. Plus it takes much more than buzzing about the price tag of luxury goods and services to get recognition. At least if you want media coverage in the top luxury blogs that matter today.

Take for example Artopz and their success to use luxury blogs to help create brand awareness for The Eclipz. Artopz was able to secure feature coverage in some top luxury blogs such as Justluxe.com , Bornrich.org , Luxurylaunches.com , and more. What luxury blogs offer the most for luxury brands is credibility of their target audience and reach to connect with high-end consumers.

Scoring publicity placement in one top luxury blog can often lead to pick ups from other top luxury blogs or make it much easier for another luxury blog to consider featuring your luxury brand. Additionally, luxury blogs that have a strong Twitter presence can also send out a Tweet. This is what Justluxe.com did to promote the feature they did on The Eclipz.

When pitching your luxury brand to luxury blogs target those who engage their audiences with luxury lifestyles. Luxury blogs should be a media outlet for your luxury brand to increase brand awareness and educate luxury consumers about your luxury goods and services.

Happy luxury pitching!

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