The Internet is the most common form of communications to determine how a company is valued. By that I mean, can I actually Google you and find a bio on you? Well, if I can’t Google or Yahoo you this is not good news. The good news is that times are changing and Web 2.0 resources make it possible for everyone to compete on all levels. This should be a wakeup call to start social networking or something to increase online publicity ranking.

Have you stopped to measure your publicity value? Do you even know what your true web value ranking is or how it is measured? We have all seen the headlines of major Internet company buyouts. Which is often controlled by the top search engines, could it be that the FREE web is turning into a monopoly? The positive side is that the web is open to all and every person has a chance to make their dream a reality.

Measure Your World Web Ranking:

Did you land in the Top 500 Movers and Shakers? If not you should be doing some publicity promotions to make this happen.

PR Building Recipe:

Put your face on Facebook

Find some space at MySpace

Dig the Digg articles

Stumble on Stumpleupon

Promote articles on EzineArticles

Get on the tube at YouTube

Really put on the RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

Stir this recipe really well and watch your publicity value grow!

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