In these very fast pace times often people don’t stop to formally introduce themselves. It seems that luxury car brands are more interested in selling accolades by highlighting their merits as an introduction offering. No wonder they have an harder time attracting women and Millennials to buy their luxury vehicles. First off this is a very bad approach and can result in missed opportunities to make a connection for solving a problem with a solution that will custom fit what the luxury consumer is ready to buy. An urgent need in the luxury car industry marketplace is understanding how-to outfit luxury consumers. Like all consumers even the luxury consumer may not be necessarily looking to make a purchase.  However, luxury consumers are always ready to solve a problem and have purchasing resources to act.

By focusing on providing solutions customized for solving problems this methodology creates an impulse for readiness to purchase luxury goods. These are the chief roles of importance for introductions especially for selling high-end luxury vehicles.

How-to Sell More Luxury Cars

Sell More Luxury Cars

At MC our primary role is to assist luxury focused companies as well as luxury professionals with driving business. We consult luxury businesses on luxury PR media to define, target, and attract desired target audiences through media equity. The goal is to implement luxury PR media for content marketing strategies that will engage, influence, and create brand awareness. All the necessary elements for generating more revenue earnings and building an sustainable luxury brand.

Right now the biggest sales strategy used to sell more luxury cars involves implementing local SEO for search engine optimization.


This hot secret luxury marketing trend is also widely used in Beverly Hills, California which is considered one of the best places in the U.S. to buy luxury cars. Beverly Hills has a famous history for luxury cars because this is mainly where many celebrities would purchase their ultra luxury cars such as the Hollywood elite.
But you don’t have to be located in Beverly Hills, CA to sell luxury cars and can attract local business from anywhere!

According to ComScore there are over 3 billion local search results each single month. For local luxury car brands this equals huge potential to attract new business for customers ready to make purchases.

A vast majority of luxury car purchases are driven by Geolocation targeting.

Geo targeting is the methodology of implementing luxury PR media based on the geolocation of website visitors and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address, ISP ….

Content Marketing 

Just by targeting local customers luxury car brands can increase chances of attracting customers by over 75% !

Approximately 70% of online searches actually come from consumers looking for local businesses to visit.

Content marketing is the perfect technique to attract local customers.

By using the branding strategy of content marketing for targeting local customers luxury car brands can attract and engage potential customers ready to purchase their next luxury rides.

Branding Strategies 

The most relevant impact luxury car brands need to make first is to start implementing engaging content on a blog or portal platform and also on their social media channels. However, the biggest problem is that luxury car brands don’t get this right. Typically, luxury car brands are making huge mistakes with their blogging and portal platforms as well as social media channels.  They tend to use the outlets as advertising promotions over being luxury PR media with engaging content marketing.

It’s also important to conduct data science research to know which local SEO keywords have the most buzz because this is what will drive enormous local traffic for the luxury car dealership. This is also another area where most luxury car brands need help especially with headlines and content marketing engagement topics.

MC is available to assist luxury car brands and dealerships with solutions to implement an local SEO strategy to drive more business. Monthly rates start at $3,750 (U.S. Dollars), for more information please contact in confidence.

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