By now everyone in the PR world knows that Sunshine, Sachs & Associates has been retained by the Jackson Family to control media regarding Michael Jackson. How Sunshine, Sachs & Associates will handle Michael’s media will greatly impact his legacy and future profit earnings. So to say all eyes are watching is putting it lightly.

Where I have noticed that Michael Jackson is most frail for an attack is online and a social media PR campaign must be put in place immediately. Remember, President Obama recognized that it was necessary to control his social media PR to protect his image.
In Michael Jackson’s case his brand awareness as a global Icon is well received. However, beyond that point it will be vital to control Michael’s social media PR to protect his brand in cyberspace to sustain. After all we are still in a recession and the wake of Michael’s death has been a trending online topic.
Protecting Michael Jackson’s Social Media Brand:
There needs to be one centralized location for every major social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc) to get reports facts and findings about Michael Jackson. These accounts can be verified to protect Michael Jackson’s brand and image.
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